The peak times for people to develop an issue with their heating and boiler is at the end of the summer months, when people turn on their gas boilers after months of inactivity. In these months, it is not uncommon for a gas boiler to develop issues with clogged or seized parts due to lack of use.

Because of this, we recommend that you contact us for a gas boiler service before the end of summer. From October we always make time to service boilers even thougth this is not a quiet time for boiler engineers. Not only are you more likely to get a better service and from an engineer at a time that suits you, it is possible that you may also receive a discounted rate out of the peak months.

Boiler servicing can save lives
Regular servicing ensures your boiler is running at peak efficiency saving fuel and money but more importantly it could also spot the escape of potentially lethal carbon monoxide, which could just save your life.

In addition to the important boiler service, we strongly advised that a carbon monoxide detector be fitted in your home in close proximity to the boiler.
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